Power & Electric Utilities Industry Cleaning

dry ice blasting for power stations
dry ice blasting can clean power stations

Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care specializes in cleaning power plant and electric generation facilities.  As certified experts we specialize in cleaning heavy duty equipment, power generation facilities and electric utility plants.  We offer multiple options of cleaning – including dry ice blasting aka “CO2 blasting” we also offer soda blasting and media blasting depending upon the project.  Call us for a free estimate.  

Increase Performance and Production with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Electrical and utilities industries are finding that the answer to performance in electrical equipment is keeping them clean. The demand to keep the equipment producing can prevent the companies from the necessary cleaning and maintenance. Advanced’s dry ice blasting process is the answer by restoring both rotating and stationary electrical equipment to optimum performance with short outages. Dry ice blasting the equipment, on-line is the most cost effective, and the most recommended process by all industry professionals.

HRSG Before & After
HRSG Before & After

Dry ice blasting is a non-conductive and provides a “green clean” — environmentally responsible. This cleaning process that allows equipment to be cleaned on line , without cool down or disassembly. Old processes include taking equipment apart and can be very time consuming and keeps equipment from producing.  Dry Ice Blasting is a faster, more environmentally-friendly cleaning process for the power and electric industry.
Clean without waiting for cool down or disassembly, saving time, money, and maximizing efficiency!

Due to growing demand for electricity, some equipment such as pad-mounted switchgears and substations go without maintenance. This results in less efficient operation and unplanned outages caused by flashover.

Benefits of our Dry Ice Blasting Process

  • Reduces catastrophic failure
  • Eliminate secondary waste
  • Increases polarization indices
  • Improves thermal dissipation
  • Reduces outage time for cleaning
  • Improves readings
  • Clean in-place, no cool down or disassembly
  • Non-conductive and Non-abrasive
  • Environmentally responsible

We Dry Ice Blast the following

Generators | Turbines | Circuit Breakers | Compressors | Insulators
AC/DC Motors | Switch Gears | TransformersRotors | Stators | Insulators | Diaphragms | Field Frames
Windings | Economizer Fins | Substation Isolators and Bushings
Or your special needs

Dry Ice Blasting Power Plants Co-Generation

Nuclear | Fossil | Hydro
Generators | Turbines | AC/DC Motors
Rotors & Stators | Windings | Economizer Fins

Power Plant Cleaning Testimonials

“The turbine was cleaned in 1⁄2 the time expected and it was spotless. Dry ice blasting is the answer. It really helped us in preparing for our upcoming inspections.”

– Siemens

“The overall result of choosing dry ice blasting is going to revolutionize the cleaning of the motor’s electrical windings and in generator…amazing…electric readings went from 100 mega ohms before ice blasting to 40,000 mega ohms after ice blasting”

– General Electric Company

Dry Ice Blasting Sub-Stations

Circuit Breakers | Isolators | Arrestors
Insulators | Bushing| Transformers | Switch Gears | Field Frames…

Sub-Station Cleaning Testimonials

“I wanted to thank you and your crew for the great job they did at our Substation. The 220kv bushings and Lightning Arrestors were extremely dirty. We normally would clean them by hand and those would have taken 2 techs, 2 shifts. Your crew was able to complete the process in around 3 hours. The results with the dry ice blasting were great. The contamination was all removed, very little clean-up,. The final transformer test results improved by 30%. I look forward to using your process again in the future.”

– Foreman Transmissions and Substations PECO

“The work your team performed was great. All testing performed after the cleaning showed the equipment was clean and good for continued service. In talking to our foreman, he stated that your crew was prepared, had all of the appropriate PPE and performed the job without a problem. He also stated that he was happy there was very little clean-up after completion of the work. Once again thanks for your help.”

– PECO Energy, T&S Engineering (Berwyn, Pa 19312)

Transformers and Circuit Breakers


“The results were surprising. There was serious carbon contamination in the switchgear compartments and they came out very clean and undamaged considering all the different devices & wiring that were involved.”

– PECO Electric Shop (Philadelphia, PA 19148)

Turbines and Power Generators


“Just wanted to thank you for the job you all did for us here at the Gilbert Generating Station. The guys were a real pleasure to work with. They conducted themselves in a completely professional manner and finished the job in half the time we initially expected. The machine was spotless when they left and it really helped us in preparing for our upcoming inspections.”

– Siemens Turbo Care